The single-dose solution that makes your life easier

Vi-Factory offers the simplest way in the world to open single-dose packs. Until yesterday, two hands were needed to open, with the consequent risk of getting dirty, dispersing the contents in the environment and wasting the part that promptly remained inside the bag.

Today all this remains only a memory. In fact, thanks to the use of only three fingers, the single-dose sachet will open easily and will be ready for use, without any risk of getting dirty or having to resort to scissors, or even the teeth, as an aid for complete opening.

It's the new way to open packages with just three fingers, folding them in half!

Patented technology

An innovative unit dose packaging with a patented opening system. It represents the new way to extract more than 99% of the product, avoiding waste and dispersion of the contents in the environment, thanks to the maximum ease of dispensing.

Ideal for multiple sectors

Perfect in various fields of application, such as: food, cosmetics, medical / pharmaceutical and chemical, for both granular and liquid contents.

Eco friendly

The innovative Vi-Factory sachets can be made with 80% bio-based materials and homopolymers, recyclable according to local regulations, which guarantee the same shelf-life performance as traditional materials.

Resistant to breakage

Thanks to the particularly solid and durable structure, the package is safe and impact resistant.

100% customizable

You can choose the size, the type of opening cut and the graphic layout, in order to attract new customers, increase brand loyalty and improve user perception.

Logistic advantages

The compact size of the sachets allows for more efficient storage, reducing logistics costs and reducing bulk.

The single-dose package
that opens with one hand

Vi-Factory makes life easier! With Vi-Factory single-dose sachets, your customers will be able to use any product, both liquid and granular, in the most practical and simple way in the world. They are beautiful, comfortable and hygienic and avoid any waste.





Personalize your single-dose sachet

Choose the most effective format for your product from the different sizes and filling volumes. Vi-Factory single-dose sachets stand out for their ease of opening, their small and compact footprint and their completely customizable layout.